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No fear for parking attendants

With a new alarm solution using the Airbus TH1n radio, parking attendants in the Danish municipality of Frederiksberg can now feel more secure.

Parking-sign-Fredriksberg.jpgParking attendants are often not the most popular of public employees and can come in for some harassment and abuse from angry motorists. This was a problem in the Danish municipality of Frederiksberg, a part of Copenhagen.

Until recently, GSM-based alarm units have been used. The problem was that the operator on duty was often unable to locate the parking attendant. When it comes to personal attack alarms, it is obviously crucial to know where the harassed parking attendant is located.

Push one button to get help

This problem was solved using a TETRA based location solution from IHM. When a parking attendant activates the red alarm button on their small, new Airbus TH1n radio, a free line to the control centre is opened. The GPS position of the parking attendant is shown on the monitors in the control centre, while the operator on duty can hear what is going on.

Safer working together

Another important missing feature was group communication. The operator on duty or the parking attendants’ manager often needs to give information to all parking attendants simultaneously. This is now possible with the new solution.

”This group communication is very time saving and gives confidence to the parking attendants that they have all been informed,” says Kim Soerensen, parking attendant manager.

“The parking attendants may also make group calls between each other, improving their cooperation and efficiency,” says Joergen Smedegaard, a head of the networking group of parking attendants. The municipality of Frederiksberg is the first in Denmark to use an alarm solution based on the nationwide SINE net and has gained very good experience with its new system.

“I recommend our new alarm system to many of my colleagues and other professionals. The system works very well, and gives comfort and stability,” adds Smedegård.

Parking in Frederiksberg kommune

In Frederiksberg, 17 parking attendants work shifts to provide parking enforcement 24 hours a day.

From 1st April 2015, Frederiksberg Kommune is one parking zone, allowing free parking for two hours on all public roads. Parking for more than two hours requires the purchase of a parking license or a parking ticket.

Frederiksberg facts

• It is the smallest municipality in Denmark in terms of area, is the fifth most populous and the most densely populated.

• It is often considered to be part of Copenhagen.

• Copenhagen Zoo is located in Frederiksberg.