What everyone must know about IoT, 5G and Big Data

Acronyms and new terms come up in all discussions, even when meeting mission-critical professionals. How will these new technologies affect the daily work of public safety and other professionals? What should you know about IoT, 5G and Big Data?

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The world's safest rally relies on Virve

When a rally competition combines high-speed cars with 300,000 visitors, smooth communication and co-operation between the event organization and public authorities is essential. As a world class rally, the Neste Rally Finland requires world class communication to keep things running safely.

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Three signs you need TETRA paging

Paging is ideal for alerting first responders to an incident. Yet, most paging systems do not perform as well as they could. Analog systems are becoming obsolete and digital systems may suffer from other problems. Ask yourself three simple questions - if you answer yes to even one of them, it's time to look at TETRA paging.

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Bluetooth Tetrapol: Sin cables

Tips para mantener comunicaciones discretas en la policía.

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How to make sure you get the best network for your operations

Choosing a digital radio network to suit the way you work may seem daunting, but the task can be broken down into five key requirements. It should not disrupt your operations, should be secure, bring new efficiencies, be supported by many suppliers and come from a vendor who can deliver the solution you need.

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Drei Gründe für TETRA-Paging

Paging ist ideal zur Benachrichtigung von Ersthelfern. Die meisten Paging-Systeme bleiben jedoch hinter ihren Möglichkeiten zurück. Analoge Systeme sind überholt und digitale Systeme oft noch nicht ausgereift. Wenn Sie eine der drei folgenden Fragen mit „ja“ beantworten, sollten Sie sich TETRA-Paging näher ansehen.

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