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What everyone must know about IoT, 5G and Big Data

Acronyms and new terms come up in all discussions, even when meeting mission-critical professionals. How will these new technologies affect the daily work of public safety and other professionals? What should you know about IoT, 5G and Big Data?

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Das Bayerische Rote Kreuz steht zusammen

Wie das Bayerische Rote Kreuz in Krisenzeiten zusammensteht - einwandfreie Kommunikation und Transparenz schafft Akzeptanz in der Bevölkerung!

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Reader stories

Fighting an invisible enemy

How keeping the Red Cross connected keeps Bavaria secure

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Featured solutions

Boosted by SmarTWISP: The happy union between smartphone and PMR/TETRA radio

THE CHALLENGE: The SmarTWISP development programme by Airbus is looking for the best and most talented teams to improve the mission-critical communications of police officers, firefighters, caretakers, doctors and other life-saving and society-building professionals.

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Tips and best practices

Seven steps to TETRA – the hospital expert’s view

Using TETRA in hospitals can bring great benefits, states Tomi Pekkonen, Manager for Social and Healthcare VIRVE network, Hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa (Finland).

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Radio coverage: this is how professionals do it

Today’s mobile professionals cannot afford to waste time worrying about running into communication blind spots. But how do professional network planners determine whether a network can deliver complete coverage?

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