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Boosted by SmarTWISP: The happy union between smartphone and PMR/TETRA radio

THE CHALLENGE: The SmarTWISP development programme by Airbus is looking for the best and most talented teams to improve the mission-critical communications of police officers, firefighters, caretakers, doctors and other life-saving and society-building professionals.


What kinds of useful, secure and engaging applications and functionalities could you develop for the Airbus Tactilon Dabat device – an Android smartphone with PMR/TETRA radio? How could you help them save time, money and lives?

THE GOALS: The possibilities that would open up with professional data applications could include:
  • Rich media messaging
  • Positioning
  • Database access
  • Records and evidence collection and management
  • Field command or computer-aided dispatching
  • Office applications

HOW: At the same time, mission-critical professionals will continue to use TETRA voice and data services for a long time. The good news is that they can now get the best of both worlds by using Tactilon Dabat, a device that combines a smartphone with a TETRA radio. Tactilon Dabat extends their possibilities by adding support for broadband data and applications.

THE TOOLS: Qualified partners in the SmarTWISP programme will get:

  • Developer tools
  • Technical support services
  • Training
  • Certification services
  • Promotion via Airbus channels.
THE BENEFITS: Once licensed, the programme helps developers to develop and test applications, and ultimately receive Airbus certification. Airbus will support their marketing efforts, and, if the product helps boost Airbus sales, they'll enter a reward scheme. Join now!
Find out more by contacting smartwisp@securelandcommunications.com.