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Three signs you need TETRA paging

Paging is ideal for alerting first responders to an incident. Yet, most paging systems do not perform as well as they could. Analog systems are becoming obsolete and digital systems may suffer from other problems. Ask yourself three simple questions - if you answer yes to even one of them, it's time to look at TETRA paging.

Frustrated by your paging?

1st-sign-you-need-TETRA-paging.jpg  Is your paging a one-way street?

Does your paging system work only one way? Are your dispatchers frustrated by not knowing if the alert has gone through? Do the alerted people still have to phone back?

2nd-sign-you-need-TETRA-paging.jpg  Do dispatchers use two different systems?

Your dispatchers may complain that it's cumbersome to use one dispatching system for communicating with staff and a second system for sending out alerts.

3rd-sign-you-need-TETRA-paging.jpg  Do dispatchers have to send different alerts?

Some people may carry a standard TETRA radio, others may carry pagers. Does the dispatcher have to send out two alerts to reach all these people?


No more paging problems

Adopt P8GR active TETRA pagers and your frustrations will be a thing of the past.

Paging works in two directions

When the P8GR receives an alert, the user can accept or reject it with a simple key press. the dispatcher knows at once who is available and whether to call in more people.

What's more, the dispatcher knows which expertise the incoming people have. For example, if a person with hazmat training is needed, the dispatcher will know whether a suitable expert is coming.


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Paging today can be so much more than people on call carrying a simple beeper. TETRA paging can be active and two-way, and give benefits for dispatchers.


One system, two uses

The dispatcher can send alerts on their regular workstation - the same that they use for communicating with the teams. It only takes a single click, no matter how many people need to be alerted. And with TETRA, the alert will go to everyone in less than half a second.

One click will reach all

People will get the alert, regardless of the device they carry. The regular crew gets the full call-out on their TETRA radio, while volunteers are alerted on their P8GR active pager.

Do you have questions about TETRA paging? Take a look at the P8GR active TETRA pager - a two-way pager that can solve your paging problem.