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Red alert: Emergency functions on your TETRA radio

Five tips for using the red key.

Airbus_DS_TH9_051114_3D_09-1.jpgAn emergency button is key for public safety radios. Did you know you can program safety features into the red key of TETRA radios from Airbus?

The red key can be programmed to:

  1. Make an emergency call to a pre-defined number — an individual dispatcher or a talk group, maybe. Just press the red key. Users don't even need to use the PTT key, because the radio transmits automatically for a pre-programmed time.
  2. Send an emergency status message and a predefined emergency text message during the emergency call. The messages can go to the same destination or elsewhere.
  3. Transmit their GPS position during the red key call. That makes it easier to find users in trouble.
  4. Make an emergency call while working in direct mode. The radio can call a DMO group or a network mode destination within the network coverage area.
  5. Make a public emergency call such as 112. This works in both direct and network mode.

These options can also be combined. Many organisations have chosen to combine 1+2+3, for example.

Because emergency calls can't be cut off accidentally, users need to press the End call key, followed by a separate confirmation, to end the call. Some networks also permit dispatchers to end the call.

Red key to safety on TETRA radios

User safety is a key issue on public safety radios. When you plan and pre-program red key functionality, you can turn a TETRA radio into a trusted friend in the field.