Tips and best practices

Text messages in a flash

Flash text messages are instantly visible on the radio's display.

This is the usual way to get text messages

When your TETRA radio gets a normal text message:

  • You hear a tone
  • Envelope icon appears on the display
  • "Message received" shows on the display.


You then have to:

  • unlock the keypad
  • choose to read the message.

Did you know there is a faster way to get text messages?

When your TETRA radio gets a flash text message:

  • The beginning of the message is shown directly on the radio's display.
  • No key press is needed. You can read it instantly.

To send a flash message:

  • Type in the text
  • Select Flash message from the sending options.

You can even send a flash message to a group and reach a large number of users instantly and with just one key press.

Interested? Choose TETRA radios from Airbus because they offer the flash message function.