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15 great resources to help you with broadband evolution

Are you planning to introduce mobile broadband and mobile apps but don't know where to start? Don't worry - these guides and videos will explain how you can move towards the broadband future, the smart way. 

Setting the strategy

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There are several options for radio network owners and operators to introduce broadband services. This has led many to ask, what is the best strategy for the broadband evolution?

Let’s be real - it would be risky to replace an existing capable radio communications network with an alternative that does not necessarily meet the critical requirements.

That is why a hybrid network is the better - and also a more cost-effective - approach. The use of TETRA/Tetrapol can continue while mobile broadband services are introduced. These services can be based on a dedicated broadband network, on commercial services with a Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), or on a combination of the two.

Hybrid network investments add value today, but also offer long-term benefits becase they form a bridge between existing narrowband networks and future solutions.

1. Building your critical communications investment strategy

This white paper examines the key questions on the future of TETRA. Most importantly, what is the best strategy for critical communications investments. Download "How to get more from your TETRA network and build your future, too"

Cover-How-to-get-more-from-your-TETRA-network-and-future-whitepaper-320x420.jpg2. How to deliver secure data services

The current TETRA/Tetrapol operator can deliver broadband services based on commercial mobile operators’ networks. And the right Secure MVNO solution lets the operator control the security of both the communications and the subscribers. What's more, the Secure MVNO approach can safeguard the operator’s future.

Download "Why Secure MVNO is your next smart move" white paper: it helps you identify the solution that meets your needs.

3. How to control the service quality

In the hybrid network model, the narrowband network (for example TETRA or Tetrapol) is complemented by a broadband network. The operator will need a way to control the service quality. How to do this? Download white paper “Why service quality is something to think about today”.

4. Taking the first step towards the Tetrapol future

Adopting Tetrapol IP paves the way to broadband. Find out why migrating to IP is such an important step! Download this detailed guide "Tetrapol IP migration - Ensuring operational efficiency for the next decade"

5. Don't have time for details? Download a quick guide instead: "10 minute guide to mastering Tetrapol IP migration"


Mobile broadband delivered over a hybrid network offers a wealth of new opportunities for public safety organizations and their users, as well as offering a smooth way to introduce broadband and IP services. But how to get to this new world?

Broadband evolution is not only a question of technology. There are other things to consider when planning a smooth evolution towards the broadband future.

6. Adopting the hybrid network model

Many authorities and public safety organisations would like mobile broadband to be part of their communications. What are the keys to success? Why smooth evolution is better than disruptive migration?  Download executive briefing "How to minimize risks when introducing mission-critical broadband"

7. Hybrid networks are also the way to go for airports. How should an airport move to LTE the professional way? Download the executive briefing and learn how you can secure your investments with a hybrid TETRA and LTE network.

8. What about metro companies? There's an executive briefing for them as well, with expert advice. Download "How to be smart about hybrid TETRA and broadband networks" tailored for metro companies who want to be successful.

9. Building a hybrid Tetrapol and broadband network

What is the best way to build a hybrid Tetrapol and LTE network? Download "The bridge to broadband" white paper and you will know.

10. Planning the introduction of mobile broadband

Pointers for driving and planning the introduction of mobile broadband and mobile apps. Download white paper "How to succeed in PMR evolution - the smart way"

11. What does Quality of Service mean in LTE networks?

Priorities are important for professional radio users. You may want to learn the basics about the topic of prioritization in commercial broadband networks. Download the white paper "Quality of Service in 4G/5G networks" which describes traffic prioritization.  

12. Managing priorities in LTE networks

Can public safety apps ever get more priority in LTE networks than kitty videos? Read this paper and you'll know! Download "Managing priorities in LTE networks" executive briefing.

13. The critical ingredient

Any 4G/5G network is essentially a wireless bit pipe that carries data and provides mobile IP services. To enable critical communications services that meet the needs of users, a service layer is also needed. Download "Critical Communications Service Layer" white paper and learn what is needed to bring mission-critical broadband to life!


Tactilon Dabat - a dual-mode device for TETRA and LTEExecuting

Go one step further and learn how new solutions from Airbus can bring benefits to public safety users - today and in the near future.

14. Tactilon Agnet app brings secure group communication to smartphones

Tactilon Agnet is an app that delivers secure push-to-talk (PTT) – and more. This video shows how Tactilon Agnet brings professional group communications into the smart device. It only takes a touch of a button on your smartphone to talk, send multimedia messages or even live video to a group.

Looking for push-to-talk group communications? Choose Tactilon Agnet 500

Tactilon Agnet 800 delivers seamless Airbus TETRA interoperability

For Tetrapol, P25, DMR, TETRA and analogue interoperability: Tactilon Agnet 900

15. Combining a smartphone and  TETRA radio into one device

Tactilon Dabat is ideally suited for professional organizations who currently use 380-430 MHz TETRA networks and also need broadband capabilities.

This hybrid TETRA/broadband device functions as a radio and as a secure smartphone complete with apps. Special applications have been designed for professional use in Tactilon Dabat.

And because Tactilon Dabat is a hybrid device, it can use a TETRA network and a broadband network. When Tactilon Agnet and the Hybrid Roaming feature are enabled, the user can communicate as long as there is either TETRA or LTE network service available. Tactilon Dabat will automatically move from using the TETRA network to using an LTE broadband network or vice versa.

This video explains the Hybrid Roaming feature in Tactilon Dabat.

Familiar with Tactilon Dabat already? Check this video that reveals the three tips about Tactilon Dabat that no-one can afford to miss!