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Battery life for TETRA radios

7 tips to make your battery last longer. When radio terminal batteries run down, people usually blame ... the batteries. But users have a lot of control over how long their batteries work.


Here are seven ways to extend the battery life of your TETRA radio battery:

  1. Use your radio wisely. Idle radios use less power than those that are transmitting or receiving information.
  2. Switch the GPS receiver off. The integrated GPS receiver uses battery power. You can extend the life of your battery by setting the radio to turn the GPS receiver on and off automatically - once an hour, maybe. When the GPS receiver is off, the radio uses less power.
  3. Turn out the lights. Illuminated screen uses battery power. Extend the life of your battery by turning the screen light off. Just use the radio menu to adjust the display's illumination settings.
  4. Turn accessories off. Active accessories consume battery power. Turn them off if you're not using them.
  5. Use "energy economy." This special feature in TETRA system and radios from Airbus allows the terminal to sleep until the network has something to send. That helps extend the battery's operating period.
  6. Choose the right battery. Genuine lithium-ion batteries can be recharged often without significantly shortening battery lifetime. That means you can charge your terminal whenever without degrading the battery.
  7. Field strength also matters. When base stations provide good coverage, terminals can operate on lower transmission power. And that makes batteries last longer. The better the network, the longer the battery life.

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