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Did you know...  you already have Java™ in your TETRA radio?

Did you know that Airbus TETRA radios have built-in Java support? And that this is a unique feature that no other manufacturer offers? This means Java functionality is already in your radio and ready to be used.

DYK_java.jpgYou may think you don’t need Java – after all, you never have in the past and you doubt that you ever will. This might be the case if the world was not constantly changing. But it is and quickly. With Java support in your radio, you can adapt to this ever-changing world by developing new applications, throughout the life of your radio.

Java applications can also be tailor-made for your organisation. Alternatively, you can use the many ready-made solutions provided by dedicated Java developer companies. There is a huge variety of Java applications available, while the creation of new ones is limited only by your imagination.

Millions of people and devices use versatile Java applications daily. There is no reason why TETRA radios should be excluded, with good examples of commonly used Java applications in TETRA being database queries, task dispatching, status reporting and field reporting.

Making these daily routines easier can save time and money and bring added efficiency, especially in data use. As well as being user-friendly, such applications can also remove the need for officers to return frequently to the office or station as many tasks can be performed in the field.

When you realize the great benefits of Java in TETRA radios and the ability to customize radios with specific user or task based demands, you will see how well it fits your operational processes. You may not need a Java application today, but who knows about tomorrow?

Be prepared for the future and consider how Java can help you.

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