For an explosive atmosphere - Five things you need in an ATEX radio

The revamped THR9 Ex radio combines usability with safety and meets the five main demands you need in a radio used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Airbus_DS_THR9EX_1540_130122.jpgHear your communications clearly

Since you mostly work in a noisy environment, you expect your radio to have a strong loudspeaker that provides a good sound level while still being understandable. Clear communication is vital.

Enjoy a highly usable radio

Your radio is your full time workmate so it is essential it feels good to use. Is the display really large enough to show all information clearly and sharply? You want a radio with a full keypad and an advanced feature set that can make use of applications.

Always work safely with your radio

Robustness and certification of your Ex radio is a must. An Ex radio must be strongly protected against gas and dust. Working in explosion prone areas, it’s essential to your safety that you use radios with both ATEX and IECEx certifications, meeting the most advanced standards for protection against physical and environmental exposure. A harsh working environment also demands a lot from a radio. Since you are almost certain to knock or drop the radio at some point, it must be rugged and at least IP65 certified to survive falls. Don’t accept anything less.

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Stay available throughout the mission

You should not be worried about losing power in your radio, so you need a high capacity battery. But even that will sometimes be drained, so you must be able to change it easily for a fully charged battery, without needing to leave the ATEX area.

Use accessories with your ATEX radio

If you cannot connect and disconnect your equipment inside the Ex-area, you could lose a lot of valuable working time. You may prefer to be free from wires and use wireless accessories with Bluetooth™ connectivity, bringing flexibility and efficiency to your work and giving you a better experience of using the radio.

The renewed THR9 Ex from Airbus meets all these needs – it is clear, safe, available, easy to use and offers support for wireless accessories. To learn more, take a look at

As the most robust ATEX radio available, the THR9 Ex gives you what you need. IP65 certified, it offers the highest level of protection for all types of gas. Its usability is assured by the several accessories that can work with it, while its high power battery keeps you in action. As well as all that, it is a fully featured TETRA radio with advanced features such as Lifeguard, Where are you, GPS, Java and many others.