Tips and best practices

Group communication: Easy as 1-2-3

How to use your Tetrapol radio to connect your contacts. Connecting a group is simple with Tetrapol radios.


If you know the number of your group communication:

  1. Click on the navigator key to the right.
  2. Key in the destination number on the keypad.
  3. Press the green key.

If you're using a predefined list of contacts:

  1. Turn the rotator to display the list.
  2. Scroll to your desired destination.
  3. Let your radio connect you to your group.

If you're managing lots of contacts in several folders:

  1. Click on the tactical key.
  2. Select the correct folder from the list.
  3. Validate with a corresponding number key or the "OK" soft key to associate the folder to your rotator.

Connecting with a big, medium size, or small team? Tetrapol radios take the trouble out of group communication.