Tips and best practices

Longer text messages over TETRA

Easy to send messages of up to 399 characters.

Do you believe that text messages over TETRA can include only 120 characters, which is the length of this blue sentence?

This is old history. With radios from Airbus you can combine messages to allow longer texts of up to 399 characters (the length of this blue and red text together), which are quicker and easier to send and receive than separate short messages. And the radios do all the work!


The sending radio automatically divides long messages into two or three parts and sends them individually. The receiving radio puts the parts back together and displays them as one message.

The whole process is invisible to the users.

This process works for normal text messages — not, for example, for LIP messages. If you're using Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Cyrillic script, your message can include 198 characters per message.