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Missing persons: Waypointer points the way

TETRA radio location solution helps search parties find people.

When searching for missing persons, rescue parties may face many obstacles. Among them:

  • Large search areas
  • Poor visibility
  • Time constraints.

Helicopters with thermal imaging cameras can help by identifying warm spots where the missing person may be. Then the problem becomes coordinating search teams on the ground.

That's where Waypointer comes in.

With the GPS based Waypointer function in TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space, pilots simply send the warm spot coordinates to the team on the ground. Then Waypointer leads the nearest search team to the warm spot. There, team members use their radios to call for help or report false alarms.

missing persons.jpg
The accurate GPS capabilities in Airbus radios also help as the search progresses. People at each end of a search chain send in their coordinates as they start out. Command and control has their radios tracked and plotted on a map. This saves valuable time by ensuring that search parties don't check the same area twice