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TETRA radio shortcuts: By the numbers

Tips for accessing common functions with your number keys.

TH1n_13.jpgYou can get the job done faster when you use the number keys on your Airbus TETRA radios to access common functions.

You can use the alphanumeric keys on your TETRA radio to:

  • Type numbers, letters and other characters
  • Speed dial
  • Perform other functions


You can use the alphanumeric keys on your TETRA radio to enter numbers, letters and other characters.

Speed dialling

You can program the number keys 2 through 9 for speed dialling to defined numbers. Then, just make a short press of the number key followed by the call connection key to place your call.

Function shortcuts

You can program the number keys 0 through 9, # and *, as shortcuts to common functions. Then, with one long press of the key, you can get your TETRA radio to:

  • Send a status message to a predefined subscriber or group
  • Turn Tx Inhibition on or off
  • Change the mode between TMO and DMO
  • Turn scanning on or off
  • Change profiles
  • Turn backlight to on, off or automatic
  • Turn GPS to automatic or always ON
  • Call the voice mailbox
  • Start the WAP browser
  • Select a predefined talk group (You might use this when a handportable radio is in the car kit holder and the group selector key on the back isn't accessible, for instance.)

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