Tips and best practices

Tetrapol Bluetooth: Off the wire

Tips for keeping police communications discreet.

TPH900_11.jpgThe TPH900 and TPH700 Tetrapol handheld radios feature embedded Bluetooth modules. Bluetooth's short-range wireless connectivity makes it easy for police officers to:

  1. Keep communications inconspicuous. Bluetooth earpieces with Push-To-Talk functionality are available in the Tetrapol TPH900 and TPH700 accessory packs. They're especially useful when police officers need to communicate discreetly.
  2. Make policing on motorbike easier. Bluetooth is convenient for officers on motorbikes because it eliminates the wire between the handheld radio and the audio system inside their helmets.
  3. Go beyond voice transmission. The TPH900 and TPH700 handheld radios are compatible with a GPS receiver that uses location-based applications. That opens Tetrapol radios to new data applications and makes them even more useful.