Tips and best practices

Your radio as a repeater

Use your radio to extend radio coverage - it is very simple.


Do you sometimes need a repeater to extend your radio coverage?

Did you know your TETRA radio from Airbus can actually operate as a DMO repeater device?

All you need is a specific Repeater License that lets you activate the function in your radio.

You can then use your radio as a repeater whenever and wherever you need it.

Using your radio as a repeater is simplicity itself. Just turn on the repeater mode with a single long press of a functional number key or in the traditional way through the menu. Once the radio is in repeater mode, it sends a presence signal on a particular frequency. Other radios on
the same frequency then connect to the repeater.

The radios support the following communication services through the repeater:

  • Individual calls
  • Group calls
  • Status messages
  • AIE and E2EE
  • Enabling TX inhibit will stop transmission but the radio remains in repeater mode