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5 TETRA features that can save your day

TETRA servers may be small, but some deliver in a big way. These are just five examples. The Taira TETRA Server can bring secure radio communications where they are needed. 

DXTA_20150206_5248_00034.jpgSecondary PTT

When using the Taira TETRA Server with TETRA radios from Airbus, you can program two PTT buttons on the radio to talk quickly to two different talk groups. This brings ease of use, and it means fluent communication, fewer mistakes and more lives saved.

Genuine Group SDS

Send a text message to a group without overloading the network. Or send a picture of a suspect using group-addressed SDS messages with radios from Airbus featuring a Java application.

Slow Associated Control Channel and SDS priorities

Make sure that important alerts and task messages get through wherever needed, even when a user is listening to instructions from the control centre.


Log in to a radio with username and password and the user’s profile and access rights are assigned to this radio. Log out, and they are removed. This makes it possible for workers in different shifts to share any radio. It also simplifies radio programming and cuts costs.

Data Dedicated Channel

Move all SCADA devices onto a separate channel, where up to 20 devices can be polled per second. And this will not affect voice traffic.

The Taira TETRA Server is the heart of the Claricor® system – the smart communications that grow with you. It is an all-in-one package with high capacity, best functionality, and great resilience.