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Fast and easy radio coverage

The smallest, smartest TETRA base station makes rolling out coverage easier than ever. It's little larger than a laptop. But that's what makes the TB3p mini base stations - the smallest, smartest TETRA base stations - so powerful.



You can use the TB3p mini TETRA base station to quickly roll out temporary communications coverage. It fits into tight spaces, saves energy and even goes mobile when necessary.

Yet the TB3p from Airbus packs the same powerful features as its big brother, the TB3, including:

  • Air interface encryption
  • Type 1 handover
  • Base station fallback.

Talk about small packages!

TB3p for temporary network coverage

Sometimes it takes temporary TETRA network coverage to get the job done — whether you're delivering security at a major event or completing a big engineering project on time. TB3p mini TETRA base stations make rolling out coverage easier than ever.

TB3p for tight squeezes

Setting up a temporary network in difficult locations such as caves or underground excavations is easy with the TB3p. And you can operate and maintain the new mini base station remotely, so it works in tight places with limited accessibility.

TB3p for energy saving

TB3p mini TETRA base stations consume only about 50 watts of energy — less than that of a conventional 60-watt light bulb, and less than one-tenth the consumption of a macro base station.

That makes it easier to install, operate and maintain your network in demanding conditions, because the base station can remain online with a power supply comparable to that of a car battery.

TB3p for mobile projects

Major civil projects such as roads and railways are constantly "on the move." But the TB3p goes with you: Just install it in a vehicle with a pneumatic antenna mast. And watch your temporary network extension keep pace as the construction team moves the project along.

TB3p for "siteless" networks

The TB3p base station allows you to set up a "siteless" TETRA network. If a conventional TETRA network exists nearby, the TB3p can link to the wider network, providing a secure communications channel covering a large geographical area.

That means professionals working in remote or difficult locations can immediately alert the nearest rescue and medical crew if something goes awry.

TB3p for financial savings

In addition to the operational and safety benefits, the TB3p mini base station even saves money, thanks to its size and robust, low-maintenance design. 


Interested? Find the details in the TB3p mini TETRA base station datasheet, which you can download here:
Download your free TB3p datasheet now