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How your radio could save your life

It’s a dark night and you’re on patrol alone, walking down a deserted alley in a neighborhood with a bad reputation. You wish there was someone with you to help if something bad happens.

Yet, you do have a trusted partner by your side, in the form of your radio and its advanced ‘man down’ feature known as Lifeguard.


Activating the Lifeguard feature sends a status message to a predefined destination, like a dispatcher. This alerts the dispatcher that you are working in a situation with increased risk and may call for help.

Lifeguard is then in self-controlling mode and if your radio stops moving or remains horizontal for too long, the radio initiates a "local alert" - it starts vibrating and the display blinks.


If everything is fine, you can just acknowledge the alert. But if you cannot respond the radio automatically makes an emergency call, sending GPS coordinates and emitting a tone to guide rescuers. All this is done by your TPH900 Tetrapol radio, your TH1n TETRA radio, or any of the THR9-series radios to keep you safe in the field. One day it could really save your life - don’t accept anything less.

Do you want to see Lifeguard in action? Watch this video and see how this advanced man-down feature works on radios by Airbus.