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How's your radio display at night?

Night Vision on your TETRA radio helps your work in the night shift. Do you work at night or in the dark? Do your tasks take you to places with little or no light?


Ideally, your radio display should adapt to your working at night or in the darkness. You will want clearly visible information and icons on the radio display, but not too bright to be disturbing.

The Night Vision feature in Airbus TETRA radios is the answer to this need.

Activate Night Vision:

  • Use the ”Go to” menu, or
  • Keep a pre-programmed number key pressed until the display changes

See the difference



TH1n slimline TETRA radio:   
Night Vision activated.

TH1n slimline TETRA radio:
Daylight settings on.

  • Darker and less aggressive colour scheme gives better visibility in the dark.
  • Optimal brightness of the display for better comfort for your eyes.

 Are you seeing the difference yet?