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Pop up LTE networks keep you in touch

An emergency can arise anywhere – when it does so in a place that has no radio coverage, first responders arriving must ensure they can communicate. Tactical cells have served them well – and soon they will be served even better by Tactilon Cells.

Organisations often need to set up a secure communication system at very short notice, for example, in a remote location. The Airbus Tactilon Cell meets this need with a transportable system designed to set up and run a small LTE network.

Tactical cell is the term for tactical, standalone radio coverage. Tetrapol tactical cells are based on a special communication device (IDR) and are easy and quick to deploy.

People in tactical cell coverage can communicate over Tetrapol radios in areas that are not otherwise covered by a Tetrapol network.

Where Tactical cells have allowed people to communicate using voice and short data messages, Tactilon Cells enable them to make use of broadband data.

Data sharing

Firefighters, rescuers, or medical teams need to speak to each other, but they also need to share data, such as:

  • A map of the incident
  • Video
  • Images
  • Building plans
  • Geopositioning information
  • A victim’s medical data.

The teams on site, as well as the commanding teams and the headquarters, all need information from the field. Access to this data improves situational awareness and helps manage the emergency efficiently.

A small solution with full features

A rapidly deployable cell needs to be very portable. A Tactilon Cell can be carried by one person and can be set up in a car or other vehicle.

Although small, it offers:

  • All the regular LTE features
  • LTE radio equipment and associated core network
  • Mission Critical applications (Tactilon Agnet) and devices
  • Integration capabilities with a national broadband network.

By complying with the latest 3GPP standards, Tactilon Cell will evolve while remaining compatible with other LTE equipment. 

Tetrapol IDR tactical cell and LTE Tactilon Cell allow an LTE network to be set up simply by bringing a suitably equipped vehicle on site.

With no need to wait for a power supply or the installation of technical equipment, a ready-to-use tactical solution for voice and data transmission can be in action rapidly.