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Tetrapol: One-to-one calls

Person to person calls are easy to make. Want to talk to another Tetrapol user directly — without anyone overhearing your conversation? That's easy, provided you're both registered on the network and within coverage range.


Here's how you make a one-to-one call in Tetrapol:

  1. To make a call, dial the calling ID on the terminal keyboard. You can also select the calling ID from the Tetrapol radio terminal's directory or redial from a list of previous calls.
  2. To take a call, just press the green key. You can also reject calls by pressing the red key or by simply not answering.
  3. To talk, press the push-to-talk key. Unlike with a mobile phone call, you can't speak at the same time as the other party. Like with other Tetrapol radio communications, you'll use a push-to-talk procedure for individual calls.
  4. To end the call, press the red key to hang up.

You can also make one-to-one calls on Tetrapol over a telephone network via PBX. And you can even have your call ciphered for added security.