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Viewcor puts Big Data to use

Viewcor is a Big Data application that processes and analyses data generated in a TETRA network and presents resulting insights in a visual, easy to understand format.

Viewcor_Big_Data.jpgRather than using the content of communications, Viewcor uses:

• User data (User IDs, organisation IDs, which groups each user is a member of, …)

• Talk group data (for example, which kinds of calls users made, call duration, which base stations have handled a certain talk group)

• Radio network measurements (such as reserved base station capacity vs available capacity)

• Special factors (e.g, information on pre-planned events).


For a user organisation, Viewcor can show, for example:

• Which base station is becoming congested, which could indicate imminent queuing

• Unexpected traffic loads – perhaps a base station is nearing its capacity limit , which might indicate that something is happening in that area

• Whether there are many individual, one-to-one calls in progress in an area with an already high traffic load. The Viewcor user could ask the callers to end their calls, or terminate the calls themselves.


In addition, the technical operator of the network can see the following, for example:

• An organisation has entered a pre-planned event; the operator can then decide whether to provide more temporary capacity

• How a certain talk group reserves resources in the network. An often-used group active within a large area will reserve a lot of resources. Although possibly intentional, it might also be an oversight when the organisation defined the group area.

Check the product page for more information on Viewcor (and Viewcor Lite).